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Azrael, the Soul Keeper! (Official design by Mr. Jay)

Azrael is an up-for-sponsorship monster created by Kaiju Combat forum user Mothman .


Height: 106 meters

Weight: 48,000 metric tons

Gender: Male

Combat Style: Melee, Ranged

Primary Attacks: Claws, Clawed Feet, Punches

Secondary Attacks: Kicks, Wings

Primary Weapon: Scarlet Discharge, Soul Flame

Secondary Weapon: Wraiths, Deathly Wail

Energy Style: Fury


Azrael is a mysterious entity with scarlet, glowing eyes and angelic wings. His skin is nearly black, which strikingly differs from the pure white feathers of his wings. Also, he has no neck; his "head" is actually part of his torso. His power comes from the souls of people who lose their lives in great disasters. The essence of these souls is what makes Azrael a powerful monster.


Throughout history, mankind has endured countless tragedies. A strange, yet terrifying being would always be present when these terrible events happened. Some civilizations respected him, while others feared him. In various cultures, he has been likened to an "Angel of Death," appearing just minutes before grave disasters took place. He was observed "taking in" (absorbing) the spirits of those unfortunate enough to be killed. This led modern researchers to name him after "Azrael," the legendary Angel of Death.

Unbeknownst to human kind, Azrael serves as a gateway between this life and the next for souls who cannot find their way; he is a "Soul Keeper." While he treats them with indifference, Azrael is helping souls in crossing over when an unexpected death occurs. Others may not see it that way, however. Many kaiju and people have objected to his activity, whether it is justified or not.


Azrael's most devastating attacks can be used at a distance. His Scarlet Discharge, a beam of concentrated plasma that projects from his eyes, can be used with the least amount of energy and can even be used in flight. Azrael can also use his Deathly Wail to sap opponents of their will to fight. Its effectiveness depends on the distance between Azrael and the opponent. Lastly, he can cast a flock of black sprites known as Wraiths at his opponent. This is his most damaging ranged ability, and requires a lot of energy to be used.

Despite his size, Azrael's speed is a key component in his melee strikes. His claws are apt for slashing and wearing down his opponent. While his wings appear to be soft, they can actually cut foes depending on the force of the swipe. They can effectively knock opponents down as well.

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