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Height: 90 Meters Weight: 50,000 Tons Gender: Male/Machine Combat Style: Melee Primary Attacks: Claw swipe Secondary Attacks: Bite Primary Weapon: Titan's Song Secondary Weapon: Cannon Wheel Energy Style: Normal

Overview: Chel-Italia is Italies swipe at a kaiju fighting machine. A turtle kaiju attacked Venice, so they tranquilized it and attached a harness. Now it fights for Italy. A heavy hitter, his harness groans whenever they do something stressful.

Origin: When the kaiju began appearing around the globe, a mysterious turtle mech appeared and began fighting kaiju across the globe. And he was damn good at it. Within weeks of his mysterious unveiling, 3 kaiju had been felled by him. The British took claim for this monster fighting machine, saying it was a secret project that they were waiting to reveal, or that it was built by the queen to protect England. None of them knew how true this was.

However, not everyone was overjoyed that Britain had a giant kaiju fighting machine free-of-charge. Italy was steaming. They were sitting ducks while the "big boys" went out and saved the day. They wanted action, but they didn't have the money or the time to afford to build their own mech. Then one glorious thing happened: A kaiju attacked Venice. Generic kaiju #123, to be precise. It looked like a giant turtle without its shell. Citizens and tourists alike were running like ants away from the beast. But the Italian army intervened, and hearing that conventional weaponry was useless against kaiju, unloaded buckets and buckets of tranquilizer darts into the beast. Slowly but surely, the kaiju fell.

The Italian government had no time to waste. They made a ramshackle harness out of old wooden boats and, through a bizarre trade, one of Leonardo Da Vinci's old tanks. The kaiju was constantly given enough tranquilizers to stun a blue whale to keep it down. The procedure was just finished as the kaiju was coming through. It woke up and with a tremendous roar- but there was no roar. The mouth was being kept closed by a wooden contraption. Deemed a success, they sent him out on his first mission.

Energy System: Chel-Italia regains energy over time.

Ranged Combat: Chel-Italia can fire a fireball via his mouth, which deals explosive damage. He can also bend over and the top will spin, shooting cannonballs like a machine gun. These take a short time to prepare.

Grappling: Chel-Italia is great at grappling. He can hoist incredibly heavy kaiju.

Melee Combat: Chel-Italia specializes in heavy blows with his arms. He can't do very quick ones. His bite would be quicker, but the harness impedes his quickness.

Weaknesses: Chel-Italia wasn't very quick to begin with, and his harness makes him even slower. A fast kaiju, or most kaiju really, could out manuever his blows. His fireball is easy to miss, and though the cannon is not, it doesn't do a ton of damage.