Colonel Ausum


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Height: 95 meters

Weight: 45,000 t.

Gender: Male

Combat Style: Melee

Primary Attacks: Fist and feet.

Secondary Attacks: Energy attacks

Primary Weapon: Judgement Blast

Secondary Weapon: Shin bakuhatsu.

Energy Style: Charge energy.


A sentai hero who fights to defeat evil, he wears golden armor and has powerful energy attacks. His voice has is a metalic sound.


A guilt-ridden hero, he was once a member of a now inexistent team. He fights seeking redemption from his past deeds. Very few is known of him, even in his former team most of them did not know who he is. he just appears do his jobs and dissapears as soon as it is done.


A guy of few words, he seems rather sad and somewhat angry.

When fighting he preffers effectiveness over looks, and tries to end the fights as quick as possible.

Energy SystemEdit

He can charge his energy quickly, but must stop moving. his energy is somewhat restored with time but this one is very slow.

Ranged CombatEdit

He uses a very powerful and fast energy attack, the Judgement Blast, but it cost 80% of the energy bar to use it, and cannot be used with less energy.


Clenches the oponnent and pummels them.

Melee CombatEdit

Fast attacks of something that looks like Karate and Muay Thai, also uses the Shin bakuhatsu that is an explosion he created around him to stop enemy attacks and to damage nearby enemies. the judgement blast and the Shin Bakuhatsu can be comboed with normal attacks.


His energy depletes very quickly, that makes him to be charging a lot and to fight without using ranged attacks most of the time.


His name does not come from the word awesome, it is another form of Aurum, at first the name was gonna be Colonel Aurum.