Height: 85m tall

Weight: 34,000 metric tonnes

Gender: Male

Combat style: Ranged

Primary attacks: Reality tear claws, tail

Secondary attacks: Wings

Primary weapon: Solar Flare beam

Secondary weapons: Variable

Energy style: Stamina


The monster is a naturally evolved organism that would normally live on a Star (T.Pyxidis specifically) however, when the star went supernova at some point in the last 15,000 years there was only one survivor. Imbued with greater power as a result of the Stars activity, Coronax set off to traverse space in an attempt to find sentient life.


Capable of controlling his own gravity, Coronax can fight in the skies as effectively as he can on land. Able spew solar mass at his foes, and deliver lightning-fast strikes.

He has control over the dimension in which his internally contained fusion reactor exists. This allows his mass and energy reserve to be vast, just not in this dimension where it would create an immense gravitational pull that would upset the balance anywhere he finds himself.

The lower his health, the more quickly it burns through its fuel, so the more powerful it is. At 81-100% life it's a weak Kaiju (red), 61-80 and it's a little stronger (yellow/gold), 41-60 and it's average (white/gold), at 21 to 40 it's above average (light blue) and at 20% or less it is very strong (indigo)