Height: 50 meters

Weight: 20,000 metric tons

Gender: Male

Combat Style: Melee

Primary Attacks: Adorableness, Feet

Secondary Attacks: Teeth, Tail Wag

Primary Weapon: Bark

Secondary Weapon: Leap

Energy Style: Furry


CyberPug is a pug brought back to life by genetics that replaced his heart, and he turned gigantic. He, however, is still unaware of this. He looks like a 50 meter tall pug with his tongue hanging out. His tongue has electricity flowing around it, and he has what looks like an arc reactor in his chest. He enjoys chewing on kaiju bones.


CyberPug was originally a pet pug. His owner was a small girl who loved to play with him. On usual days they would throw sticks together on the back park. But one day she threw the stick to far and the pug was hit by a car. The little girl ran to her house, sobbing all the way. They took him to a doctors office to say if anything could be done, and they began a procedure to replace his heart with a cybernetic component. This brought him back to life, but the side effect was that the pug grew and grew and grew till he was gigantic. The pug, however, was not aware of this fact, and the girl wasn't either or she didn't care. They still throw sticks in the park.

Energy SystemEdit

CyberPug recovers energy quickly due to his cybernetic heart, but in the heat of battle it slowly goes away as he gets tired.

Ranged CombatEdit

CyberPug can bark to stun opponents. He can also leap long ranges to attack opponents. However these cost noticeable amounts of energy, so it is not wise.


CyberPug doesn't quite have arms.

Melee CombatEdit

CyberPug does not have much defense, but his adorableness weakens enemy attacks. He can also make small leaps to kick the opponent. His teeth have been reinforced by the cybernetics, so his bite is a formidable weapon. And if the opponent is behind him or to the side, he can spin around and wag his tail to hit them.


Though CyberPug has more durability than he would have without the cybernetics, he is still small and therefore less durable. His lack of a real range attack can be a hinderance if there are ranged combatants around, and even though he can close the gap quickly it's still do-able to keep him away.