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Doka human form

Gender: Female Age: 22 Occupation: FBI field agent Hair color: Pitch Black Eye color: Glow green Height: 6ft. 4 Weight: 150Lb.

Doka Kaiju form Name: Panthra Gender: Female Height: 135 meters not counting tail Weight: 48,000 tons

Origin: Doka was an FBI agent that was sent by her self to investigate a Power plant for the conspiracy of a mad man manipulating with the nuclear plant which also held a illegal Kaiju transformation weapon. But out of nowhere a Kaiju with the DNA of a panther appears and starts to destroy and devour all of the nuclear pant. But before Doka could get away there was an explosion/shockwave of the energy causing it to fuse with her body and the type of Kaiju DNA with the nuclear weapon which is loaded and Transforms her while turning the random Kaiju back into a young panther. Thus the birth of Panthra.

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