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Length:170 meters counting tail Weight:35000 tons Fighting Style: Melee Weakness: Purple Plasma Origin: Much like "Godzilla", he was mutated but not by humans. a glowing space rock crashed into him while he was unconscious it had already begun. By the time he had awakened he was now what the humans call a Kiaju. Before he was a rare undiscovered species of lizard and one of the last of his kind. Before he was transformed his abilities were formed from the markings on his hands, they could tell him when it will storm. His other abilities were he could blend in with his surroundings. Also he could run so fast that he could do it on water.

His new abilities are turning invisible, super seed also is linked to the markings. He can use these ancient markings to summon a storm which sends lightening bolts to his frills on his back that charges his super speed. he can also direct it as a lightning blast out of his mouth.