Kaijuland Battles
Kaijuland Battles
Release Date Early Access: August 2014

Full Version: N/A

Platforms PC
Price Early Access: $5

Full Version: Free

Kaijuland Battles is the very first game in the CKC franchise. It was first released for Early Access on August of 2014. It is free and features four monsters create by Kaiju Empire.


"The free game features four characters from the Facebook game “Kaijuland.” Adorable monsters. Battling one another and crushing the city. What more do you need?"



Game ModesEdit

  • Training Mode: Battle against a random computer opponent.
  • Local Game: Battle against one or more friends locally.
  • Online Game: Battle against one more friends online.
  • Share My Mods: Share your custom skins, music, loading screens and battles to the Steam Workshop.
  • Settings: Change the game's settings the way you like them.
  • Exit: Exit the game.

Scrapped ContentEdit


  • Megaplat - Lost the Kaijuland Battles roster vote.
  • Stabitha - Lost the Kaijuland Battles roster vote.


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