Leokappa, the Beast of Pride

Leokappa is an up-for-sponsorship creature created by Kaiju Combat Forum user Wolfenmaus.


Height: 75 meters
Weight: 68,000 metric tons
Gender: Male
Combat Style: Melee
Primary Attacks: Grimy Claws, Mane Shot
Secondary Attacks: Razor Tail, Gnaw
Primary Weapon: Claws, Fangs, Dischargeable Mane
Secondary Weapon: Diseased Miasma
Energy Style: Pride


Leokappa is a large nomadic beast that traverses the Indonesian Isles, created by the magical fusion of a lion and kappa. He's retained most of his lion body, but has adapted many traits of the yokai. He is able to fire off hairs from his mane to attack prey, and generates a septic toxin that can be released in cloud form. He aches for challenge, fighting more fiercely when against a worthy opponent.


In the 1400’s, trade between Greece and Japan was becoming vibrant and more efficient. Because of this, certain criminals were able to smuggle ‘exotic’ animals to each other under little surveillance. During a transaction, a lion and kappa (a mythological creature) were knocked into a methane filled marshland, where they quickly succumbed to the poison.

Over hundreds of years, the corpses fused together due to the Kappa’s magic. One day, a majestic beast awoke from the bog: Leokappa, a Beast of Pride.

Fighting StyleEdit

Energy System: Being a prideful beast, Leokappa runs on toxic adrenaline based on challenge. Being hit, cut, slashed, etc, merely makes him fight harder. However, he can hang back to catch his breath.

Ranged Combat: Leokappa doesn’t have much in the way of range. He has a fast dash, long webbed claws, and his toxin cloud, which drifts to his liking. He does have an advantage, though: He is able to launch the hairs of his mane like a Gatling gun, piercing even the toughest hides. It is fairly predictable when he’s about to use it, however.

Grappling: Leokappa is able to lunge at the opponent to attempt to tackle them, using the webbing of his claws to hold them down. He can be knocked off, though, and relies on momentum to attack.

Melee Combat: This is where Leokappa excels. He has many fast, damaging slashes and bites and a quick running speed to accompany it. His reach and startup for heavy attacks is lacking, though. He’s capable and willing to tear through skyscrapers to get an opponent.

Weaknesses: Leokappa's pride is his weakness, as well as his strength. He puts so much force in his movement that his energy drains at a much faster rate than other Kaiju. He can also be thrown far due to his body structure.