Malo 3D Art
Malo Fan Art 3

Primary Attacks: Emerald Claws, Tail

Secondary Attacks: Shape Fists, Kick

Primary Weapon: Heat Crystal Beam

Secondary Weapon, Burrowing

Energy Style- Hunger

Height- 102 Meters  


Malo, is the last of an underground species. He has deadly emerald fists, that he can shape into different weapons for deadly close combat.  


Once, in an underground cave, there was a species called Cryzings. The Cryzings are born with metamorphic emerald hands, which still remain a mystery. They would feed on anything they could find. They move in different locations all the time so they can find more rocks, or crystals to eat, but they moved to far this time. In search of food, they made a tunnel, but towards the center of the earth. Lava came through a hole, and flooded the Cryzings. All of them died, but Malo, the underdog of the Cryzings. Malo had to escape, and live life on his own. On a search for food, Malo ended up digging above ground, finding the above ground world with plenty of things for him to snack on. Malo now lives on his own, and keeps the anger from this tragedy with him. 


Malo has great strength, close combat is a good option to perfect with him, he is slow, but above average ferocity, he lacks weapons, but has a crystal heat beam, and is able to burrow. Close combat with Malo is different then usual, you have to know your enemies weaknesses, because one attack, could shape his hand into a boxing glove, (dealing blunt damage) and another hand could change into a blade. (dealing edged damage)  


Malo is close-range focused, so long ranged attacks is a good idea, but he also lacks weapons, so he also has a disadvantage in that. 


Idea #1: For his rage, it would be something like Godzilla 90's rage in Save the Earth, he would shoot a super crystal beam! (just a thought) 

Idea #2: Malo could mix his two emerald hands together, and create a super weapon, that takes a lot of damage for a limited time.


Malo will be available to sponsor for Kaiju Combat in 2014

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