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Height:120 meters Weight:999,000 metric tons Gender:Female Primary Attack:Tusk Secondary Attack:Trunk Primary Weapon:Sonic Roar Secondary Weapon:Super Trunk Assualt Energy System:Solar Power Overview:Mammosaurs was an aztec goddess after the spanish brought a tiny elephant that turned out to be a thought to be extinct mammosaurs the largest species of mammoth ever. Origin:Living in africa 10,000 years ago,mammosaurs almost caused homo saipiens to go extinct but thanks to the ice age 99% of the species gone extinct but one survived by going south for the past 1,000 years and also hibernating but when the spanish found south africa they found the last mammosaurs ever full grown and they took her from her homeland and they where going to the "new world".The spanish named her laura,after weeks of traveling they made it to north america and traveled south but used larua as a slave.Laura was getting to the point where her true,angry potential was about to be unleashed.So the spanish made it to the aztec empire and laura escaped and rampaged and destroyed the aztec empire.And the aztecs worshipped her as a goddess. Energy System:Mammosaurs gotten used to use solar energy by traveling in the day and sleep at night and when the sun first rises she rises thanks to her good eyesight. Ranged Combat:Mammosaurs has a good set of powers,her Sonic Roar only comes around when she gets to temperatures up to 1,000 degress and lets out a roar that can destroy landscapes 200 miles out of the battlefeild.Her Super Trunk assualt is when her trunk extendes constrict you monster and throw them in the air to the point where there out of the stratosphere.She can also fly by levitation. Melee Combat:Just like the african elephant,she uses her tusk to injure animals by charging at them. Her trunk is a diffrent story,her trunk can inject slippery and sticky water. Weaknesses:Since she's solar powered the moon makes her weak and if she gets injured to many times she'll get in a healing coma