Height 110 meters
Weight 49,000 metric tons
Gender Male
Combat Style Melee
Primary Attacks Club Arm, Cleat Stomp
Secondary Attacks Flag Tail
Primary Weapon Fat Shot, Ball Drop
Secondary Weapon Ace Shot
Energy Style Elemental Affinity: Golf
Creator Mizuno


Muligahn is a tall and thin Kaiju who has a golf club for an arm. Muligahn also has a golf ball for a head. The bottom of his feet have spikes like golf cleats.


A golf elemental (golf was created by the gods) which very few are surprised to see him appear on this planet since all sentient beings play golf. He plays in the sentient woods on this planet now. Some say the legendary Big Bang was a product of Muligahn's first drive and seeks to put all matter into a black whole to complete his game. His physical body can be destroyed but always returns to his game. He is rarely interrupted and when he is, Muligahn goes into a fit of rage and attacks whatever interrupted him.

Energy SystemEdit

He is fueled by golf energy so when he is interrupted from his game, his energy depleats.

Ranged CombatEdit

He can focus his eyes into wide blasts. At a cost, he can focus in on a thin beam that is extremely powerful and piercing with great accuracy, the cost is his Ace. Muligahn can also manifest his energy into glowing balls of energy which he can blast at his opponent.


Muligahn has average grappling. He prefers a position were he can swing his golf club. His cleat like feet help him with standing up straight.

Melee CombatEdit

He uses his golf club arm to knock opponents away with ease, come in with rapid furry strikes, or impale opponents. Muligahn's club has a range which makes other Kaiju challenged to return a blow. All of appendages are formidable formidable in their own way.


Muligahn is much less durable than other Kaiju in because he is made of sand. He also is deficient in non golfing matters.

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