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Height: 100 meters Weight: 40,000 metric tons Gender: Male Combat Style: All-Around Primary Attacks: Hands, Legs Secondary Attacks: Cape, Shell Primary Weapon: Pearl Bomb Secondary Weapon: Hero Shout Energy Style: Ego Overview: Oyster Guy is a superhero renowned for his cowardice in super hero circles. He looks like an average superhero except that his torso is an oyster shell. When the kaiju attacked, he thought it was a good time to show how brave he is. If he doesn't get hit, he regenerates energy quickly, but if he gets hit he won't regenerate for quite a while. Origin: On Planet X, there lived a legion of superheroes. These heroes stopped evil superheroes threatening their realm. Their the reason we haven't seen aliens. But among these brave heroes was a coward who was the brains behind the operation. His name was Oyster Guy. But when the heroes fell one by one to the kaiju, Oyster Guy decided it was time for action. He would conquer his cowardice and fight the kaiju! Energy System: Oyster Guy regenerates energy quickly, but if he's hit he stops regenerating for 10 seconds. Ranged Combat: Oyster Guy can use his Pearl Bombs to get kaiju hiding around buildings, and his Hero Shout summons lobsters to attack his foe. The Hero Shout takes awhile to get ready, but the lobsters do stackable damage. Grappling: Oyster Guy is average at grappling. Melee Combat: Oyster Guy can use a variety of chops to attack his foe, and kicks to get longer ranges. He can also use his cape to strangle kaiju, and if need be he can charge using his shell. Weaknesses: While Oyster Guy is competent at most things, he doesn't have many stand out features. If he gets enough Lobsters on his opponent he can make quick work of them, but there are plenty of windows to stop this from happening. A quick kaiju can avoid his chops and kicks, and a ranged kaiju could avoid his volly of Pearl Bombs. Tell me what you think! This is my first kaiju.