Height 90m
Weight 46,000t
Gender Male
Title Cyborg Serpent
Combat Style Teeth, Armor, Tail
Primary Attacks Tail Whip
Secondary Attacks Poison Bite
Primary Weapon Electrozap Beam
Secondary Weapon Poison Spit
Energy Style Electricity, Poison

Servopent is an agile cyborg cobra created by forum member Titanollante. He has strong defense and melee attacks though has a weak ranged beam that lasts for approximately three seconds.

Servopent is card #35 in SPN3.


The only one of his kind, Servopent was found by Atlanteans and was turned into a cyborg to become their guardian. The Atlanteans were attacked by several Kaiju though fended off by their guardian. Even after the disappearance of Atlantis, Servopent still fends off the area and the good creatures of Earth.

Energy SystemEdit

Servopent runs on basic will power and electricity. If he looses all of his electric energy, he would be much slower and can not perform special attacks though has a large increase in physical attacks.

Ranged CombatEdit

Servopent can resist energy based attacks and uses primarily long ranged attacks for special attacks. He has a light beam that can split into multiple beams.


Servopent is faster than average Kaiju and can do a thirty second sprint. He also uses his hoodie to turn into arms and can grab opponents. When heavier, he holds the monster and repeatedly spits but cannot throw. When getting grabbed, he wiggles around to get free. Then he grabs the opponent back and sends the opponent backwards into the air while an alternative is to whack the opponent hard enough to drop him.


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