Species: SharkPug

Height: 110 Meters

Weight: 50,000

The SharkPug. Such elegance, such grace. But how did this beautiful creature come into existence?

First reported sightings of the SharkPug date back to early 1990 BC. Alien lore said a giant graceful creature with a furry body and a carnivorous head. In 1990, a giant pug-like figure is said to have lifted one leg and urinated on the empire state building. After it was done, it chased pigeons.

But little did everyone know, the SharkPug is actually the meaning of the universe. It is says that his first bark started the Big Bang. He urinates on lifeless rocks, and life begins to grow.

With Kaiju overwhelming the planet, the protector of all things puggy has come to protect Earth.

tldr: Shark Pugs are the meaning of life.