Spinotor copy
Spinotor request by quinn red-d601mby
Spinotor wintergaia style by wintergaia-d61q8yqv2
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Height: 88 meters

Wieght: 45,000 metric tons

Gender: Male

Combat Style: Slashing

Primary Attacks: Hands Tail

Secondary Attack: Feet

Primary Weapon: Temperature ray

Secondary weapon: Spine Heat Projectile

Energy style: Sail 


Spinotor is a mutated spinosaurus which uses the tempature to start attacks. He is quick and agile as well as powerful. His main power source is the sail which helps regulate his temperature.


Back in the early cretaceous one predator ruled all. Spinosaurus, this creature lived millions of years before T-Rex. Spinotor was once one of them. When Spinotor died his body was mutated and preserved by radiation leaking out of cave systems under water. The radiation made him immune to decomposure. It also brought him back to life.He was too deeply buried to get free. In time over millions of years Spinotor became larger, heavier, developed new weapons, and somehow had powers from using his sail. He was found millions of years later in 1888 by a German scientist named Geurge Linc. Spinotor broke free from underground and headed towards the swamp to sleep. He hasn't woken up since, until now...

==Energy System==

His sail gives him the energy he needs constantly. 

He wants humanity and mammals in general gone from this planet which was once ruled by reptiles like him.

Energy style: His sail provides him energy for an infanant amount of time. 

Melee: His claws, teeth, and tail spike are a deadly combination. They are his main weapon and he relies on these lethal weapons more than anything. 

Grappling: He lifts monsters with his mouth, he throws them into the air and when they are about to land he whacks them with his tail, flinging them halfway across the map. 

Ranged attacks: Spinotor's temperature beam has two modes, heat and cold. The heat does much damage to the enemy and can leave holes in buildings once it touches them, meaning it melts the building. The cold makes the enemy it shoots at freeze in place for 20 seconds. He can also produce huge balls of pure heat in his spine. He can shoot 2 at a time. One ball comes from each side of his sail. It does half the damage towards the enemy as the temperature beam does.

Weaknesses: When Spinotor is at near death he will slow down for the rest of the match, or until he respawns after death. When he slows down his speed is cut down and his attacks are less effective. His other weakness is electricity or mystic power. His last weakness is his attack style. He is bad at ranged fighting and he prefers close quarters attacks. 

Advantages: One of Spinotor's advantages is his speed. He can run at speeds of 210mph. His other advantage is his combat style. He prefers melee over range so he is one of those close quarters fighters