Sponsorship Series 2 (often abbreviated as SPN2) is the second card set for the Colossal Kaiju Combat trading card game.

Notable Changes from SPN1Edit

Overall, SPN2 has 4 major changes from its predecessor, The first being the presence of the "Evolved" trading cards. These cards are the rarest cards in the deck, and are new interpretations of 15 of the monsters in SPN1, selected by Community Vote. There ais set to be only 1 Evolved card per tradin card pack. Evolved cards will be notably more powerful than the "Rookie" cards, and are balanced against each other. Furthermore, a new artist has been hired for the purpose of creating revamped artwork for the evolved monsters.

The Second of the Notable changes is the new and improved combat deck. Simon Strange, the founder of Sunstone games, has been working closley with the community to improve the combat deck to make the game easier to play and more fun as well. The third and change is the manner of which the SPN2 "Rookie" cards are selected, in the first sponsorshop round, 7 lucky monsters won a progenitur slot, and all entrys gained a place as a trading card. According to Simon Strange, this will never happen again rather the method to recieve a CKC card will be performed the same as SPN2, in which a forum member may put a monster up for sponsorship, and if they win, they recieve a trading card. No Progenitur Slots are available other than through the steps after the Sponsorship Process.

The fourth and Final change was the "Card Art Review Sessions " held between the creators of the SPN2 monsters (Excluding Evolved Monsters) and Simon Strange via Skype. These optional meetings allowed the creators to discuss changes that they wanted for their cards and to talk about traits of the characters that the creator and Simon liked the most. These sessions generally lasted 10-20 minutes per person.


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