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This is Star Punch

He punches things with stars that eminate from his fists.

He likes R&B.

Bio: Camping in their back yard, brothers Ned and Fred Tugent watch as a star shaped meteor crashes on their tent.

Their parents had been bugging them for a while to do more activities together and the the two decide to build a giant robot with the star shaped stone at it's power source.

With Ned as it's pilot (as he's the only one who can activate it's powers) and Fred as his trusty mechanic (as he's the only one who knows anything about engineering), these two set out on an adventure to fight giant monsters wherever they pop up.

Name: Star Punch Height: 100 Meters Weight: 60.000 Tons Gender: Male Combat Style: Melee Primary Attacks: Star Punch, Double Star Punch

Secondary Attacks: Star Tackle Primary Weapon: Star Beam Secondary Weapon: Shooting Star Bolt Barrage Energy Style: Star Power