Tigora is a large beast mutated from a scientist who combined the bones of a dinosaur, a tiger and a gorilla he popped a battery in the machine and eventually eighty 390 ft tall tiger monsters appeared.

His abilities include being able to blast energy beams out of the red tip of his tail. Tigora's purple stripes can glow white and blast electricity. He is capable of lifting eighty quadrillion megatons and running at mach 1 when at full power. His claws can cut through solid 400 ft. thick steel simply. His skin can withstand sixty eight sextilion megatons of pressure without cracking (Though anymore would completely crush all of his organs). He can jump over 17,000 ft in the air.

Here is his size. 380 ft tall on two feet. 150 ft tall on all fours. 650 ft long to the end of tail on two feet. 780 ft long to the end of tail on all fours. Weight:80,000 tons.