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Name: Tomasz

Height: 80 Meters Weight: 90k Tons Combat Style: Melee Primary Attacks: Punches Secondary Attacks: Flamethrower Primary Weapon: Hopper Arm Secondary Weapon: Flamethrower Energy Style: Stamina


Tomasz is a giant robot, manned by Sir Frederick Ohra. With endless supply of wealth, Sir Ohra commissioned a multibillion mecha to fight the kaiju threatening Earth if the need ever came. With multitude of weapons such as a flamethrower and lasers, the Engine of Calamity should see no problems with these unknown threats.


Sir Frederick Ohra has spent his entire life building up his train business. From coast to coast, to different nations, Ohra took his business to unforseen heights. As a preemptive strike against the offchance his world have to fight off an alien invasion, Sir Ohra commissioned the construction of a giant mech that could be piloted to defend the earth. This project would be named, "Tomasz".

Sir Ohra took the liberty of piloting Tomasz himself. His business was like another child to him and he felt the need to protect them all at all costs.

Energy SystemEdit

With money, comes technology. Tomasz's core is a new development in the scene of science, capable of easily filling the energy costs of a giant mech such as Tomasz. The lower Tomasz's energy is, the faster it recharges. Powering a supersized mech comes as some cost though. Walking around will drain Tomasz's energy reserves.

Ranged CombatEdit

Tomasz is fitted with several high power lasers. Due to the amount of power they consume though, they are relatively small compared to the other weapons on Tomasz. At closer ranges, Tomasz can make use of his massive flamethrower to engulf the enemy in flames.


Having only 1 hand, Tomasz is not too adept at grappling. Don't underestimate the strength of this engine though.

Melee CombatEdit

Melee is where Tomasz excels. With such a heavy body and superpowered engine, Tomasz can inflict massive amounts of damage up close. He's not too fast though. If the enemy is just a bit out of his reach, Tomasz can always fall back on his flamethrower.


Tomasz is strong and powerful, but a bit on the slower side. Have him chase you to burn energy and try to apply a hit and run strategy while avoiding his flamethrower and lasers.

Other NotesEdit

Tomasz's face mimics that of its controller. In this case, Sir Frederick Ohra.