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Behold the blue titan named Tyrant

Name: Tyrant (Tie-rant)

Height: 125meters

Weight: 70, 000 tons

Gender: Male

Combat Style: Hybird, both melee and beams

Primary Attacks: Arm spikes, fangs,

Secondary Attacks: yellow fire beams, fire balls,

Primary Weapon: Arm spikes

Secondary Weapon: tail whip

Energy Style: fire engery

Overview: Tyrant is from a island called Champion island. He like to get physical and use his arm spikes. He is a giant dinosaurian kaiju. He can fly and swim. This kaiju is good and wants to stop evil from taking over his world. Origin: A small lizard was wandering in the grass field. Then got zap by a mystica l lighting and make him fused with other living things. Also, the lighting even fused prehistoric creature down below on the ground. After that this lizard becomes a giant dinosaurian like creature with Spinosaurus like wings. The lizard was never the same again. Energy System: He can charge up his beam. His gem chest can heal him or help charge him up. The sun gives him energy. Also, when he eats foods like fish and plants he gians more energy. Tyrant can absorb beams attack from beams and it gives him energy and health. Ranged Combat: He can shoots a yellow fire beam. Plus, he can shoot a giant yellow fireball. This kaiju can also use his wings to shoot wind attacks such if tornado or twister. His wings allows him to also to create wind that blow enemiesto push them far away and stuns them. Grappling: Tyrant can throw his foes , then use spikes to finish his foes off. An example of this is by throwing opponent in the air, then he flies up to upper cut with his arm spikes.Another move he can use is grabbing his opponent and fly up to throw them down on the ground. away. With his spiky tail he can grabs others and throw them down hard Melee Combat:This kaiju Tyrant is physical buit to fight. His spikes are very strong weapon of his.His teeth are sharp enough even to pierce through mountains. Tyrant claws are tough too, they can pierce through steel. He can use his spiky tail to whack his foes away. Weaknesses: He is weak against ice because he slows him down. Ice stuns him and he move or fly slower when getting hit by ice.