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Xeorichus Story: deep at the bottom of the Mariana's trench a submarine was digging and suddenly he sees a hole in the ground he goes down the Humongous hole and the light from the sub shines In something's eye the creature sees light for the first time and swims towards it the submarine quickly moves out of the way and sees a huge black mass swim out of the hole. The submarine just uncovered the beast of the ocean XEORICHUS!!!


  • The three lines under his head the top is the size of a megalodon under is a great white shark and the super puny one
  • Since its so dark in the mouth of oceans hell(the name of the huge hole) Xeorichus is pitch black to blend in with its environment. (the lighter designs are to attract prey) 
  • Scientists speculate that Xeorichus is a species living in the mouth of oceans hell. In 2135 USA is going to build a submarine that can venture into the hole Some believe that the hole goes all the way down to the mantle of the earth!