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Height: 92 meters Weight: 58,000 metric tons Combat style: Melee Primary Attacks: Clawed hands, Spiked tail Secondary attacks: Bite Primary Weapon: Acid gak from his hands, Corrosive stream Secondary Weapon: Pyrokinesis Energy Style: Destruction, Rage

Origin: There once was an alien race called the Zartanians known for having a natural resource only found on their planet. Their whole race depended on this resource and other aliens constantly attacked them for this resource. Then the most brilliant minds of the planet came together and collected DNA of other alien lifeforms and used a bit of there own DNA to make XEXON, but it backfired and he started destroying everything. Even invaders and the ones who made him did not escape the wrath of Xexon.

30 Earth years had past and the same scientist that made him trapped Xexon in a rocket capsule, launched him in space and he crashed on earth during theice age in Antarctica. Now eons had past until Earth's scientists were studying the marine biology, until they found the rocket capsule under water. They than studied it and found out something alive was in it, so they decided to use explosives to try and open it, but they awoke Xexon and killed the scientist and now he is heading for they nearest city and no one is prepared...

Weaknesses: He is weak against electrical and ice attacks.